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Why is facilities asset management important?

Every Roof is a Critical Business Asset

Instead of missing opportunities to optimize performance and enhance productivity, we are here to help you boost the company’s bottom line.

With our Tecta Tracker program, you can access real-time information and reports through our online portal. Our sales team will introduce you to the program and be there as support as needed.

Schwickert’s offers asset management programs for both roof systems and mechanical systems. These programs are called Tecta Tracker and HVAC-R Tracker.

High-Performance Tool Designed to Manage Your Roofing Portfolio

More than information, a proactive approach.

With TectaTracker, raw data gets transformed into insights and information you can use to help you make better business decisions. Here what makes TectaTracker more powerful than other roofing portals:

  • More robust data with a wider spectrum of reports including topline and facility summaries, portfolio overviews, and roof deficiency reports
  • Highly trained and certified technicians/inspectors evaluate your roof based on consistent, objective criteria
  • Timely delivery of information

Get your Roofing Budget on Solid Ground

Instead of losing sleep over unplanned roofing expenditures, TectaTracker makes budgeting simple and more predictable.

  • Lets you estimate straight-line roofing expenses to predict capital spend
  • Tells you upfront which properties require roofing repairs or more extensive service
  • Provides access to roofing maintenance history for may building in your portfolio

Plan Ahead, Take Control.

TectaTracker is designed to provide a comprehensive roof asset management program affording customers a higher level of control over planned roof maintenance and capital budgets. Customers will be able to:

  • Forecast future expenditures – Trust the know-how and expertise of Tecta’s team of roof estimators to help you accurately plan and budget
  • Prioritize future projects – Through consistent planned maintenance, you can maintain roof integrity and extend the life of your roof
  • Smooth and costly spikes – Straight line budgets will help you avoid unplanned replacement costs or downtime that disrupt your business

The Solution for Managing Your Roof Portfolio

With easy access and timely information, Tecta Tracker stores all the up-to-date roof documents in one place and facilitates roof inspection reports. Tecta Tracker provides complete and accurate data about the condition of every roof in your portfolio.

Tecta Tracker is strictly focused on roof asset management. A proprietary management information system, developed by Tecta America, Tecta Tracker delivers richer more detailed roof insights.

Tecta Tracker

How Tecta Tracker Works

All information, including roofing history and inspection photos, is uploaded to the Tecta Trackerwesite by trained Tecta America technicians. Updates and repair recommendations are made and documented in TectaTracker, providing you with a real-time snapshot of the current and future conditions of your roofing portfolio.

On the “overview” screen, review projected budgets and the estimated remaining service life of all the roofs in the portfolio

Drill down into an individual facility to view an overview of the latest roof audits

View your complete inspection history including leak activity and contract repairs.

Use the interactive Geo-Map to view Specific sections of your roof within proposals

Roof drawings (optional) stored by facilty and roof section

Do you know the score on your roof?

To help you plan, Tecta America "scores" your roofs using our Roof Assessor Points (RAP) system.

10 Performance Criteria

This proprietary indexing tool from Tecta – the result of 20 years of real-world research – incorporates ten key performance criteria, including Membrane & Seam condition, Flashing condition, Age, and Pending Repairs to arrive at an Estimated Remaining Service Life. (ERSL)

Proven Reliability

The RAP system is consistent, reliable, and objective, and lets you know right away whether your roof needs immediate repair or is clear of defects. No one else in the industry has it!

RAP diagram


Contact Schwickert’s Teca America for more information by calling 507-38-3101.